Food Philosophy

Hello Everyone!

As moms looking for clean food options, vegans and health advocates, , we have gone through the struggles of finding food which is both wholesome and tasty.

With high contamination in dairy and preservative laden products in super markets, we took up the challenge to create the Cleanest Cheeses Ever!

Giving up dairy shouldn’t feel like giving up on taste!

So, we took feedback from grounds-up, worked hard and created dairy-free cheese that doesn’t compromise on taste & actually ups your health game.

We have developed India’s 1st Naturally Fermented Plant Based Cheese which gives it an authentic umami flavour just like the dairy versions.

PlantWise is all about BEING THE CHANGE.

In with the good & out with the bad

We are 100% plant-based & preservative free.

Get the goodness of cashews, plant proteins & coconut oil and say no to animal hormones & antibiotics, cruelty and cholesterol.

Naturally Fermented foods are also good for the gut and enable superior absorption of nutrients.

Enable good health and also save the planet with a reduced carbon footprint. Did you know that switching to plant based foods is the easiest and strongest way to reduce green house

gases and slow down Global warming?

Try us today! We can’t wait to serve our tasty treats to you :)