Sustainability Philosophy

Each day, each person eating a plant-based diet, helps save 9 kg of CO2, 4000 litres of water and 3 sq metres of forest land.

At PlantWise, we make it possible for you to help too.
  • 1 slice of dairy cheese uses 151 litres of water to produce
  • 1 kg of dairy cheese produces 24kg of CO2
  • PlantWise Cheeses are made with cashew nuts
  • 1 kg of Cashew Nut production emits only 0.43 kg of CO2

Now you can switch to plant based cheeses, sauces and snacks without compromising ontaste. Our Natural Fermentation process ensures an authentic umami taste similar to dairy cheese. Not only this, we manufacture and package everything in a dedicated unit with no risk of dairy or soy contamination. We use minimal packaging & glass packs to avoid plastic as far as possible.

We have built this grounds-up and everything runs in-house to give you superior quality and a truly gourmet experience.

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