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Premium Mozzarella Style Cheese Block

Premium Mozzarella Style Cheese Block

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Presenting our Premium Mozzarella Cheese Block!

It has a creamy, umami taste with a mild flavour. 

You can grate, cut and melt the block for a gooey filling or brown under heat. Our cheese melts like a charm and doesn't pool in one place. Perfect for cheese boards with crackers & fruits too! 

Dairy & Lactose Free  | Preservative Free | Cholesterol Free | Soy Free | Gluten Free | Trans Fat Free 

MADE WITH: Cashews, nutritional yeast & plant proteins, it's a perfect companion for your vegan and health journey.

FLAVOUR: Creamy, Cheesy, Umami

BEST USE IN: Grate over pizza, nachos, sandwiches. Wherever you need melty cheese, use mozzarella! 

KEEP REFRIGERATED and Refrigerate before use for an hour after receiving the shipment. 

Weight : 200 g

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